Now, M·A·C has made it easy to get this look with an all-new Lipstick formula: Powder Kiss Lipstick. It's an innovative moisturizing-matte Lipstick that creates the perfect blurred lip look in a single swipe.

1.     Gently buff away dry and flaky skin with Lip Scrubtious for soft and smooth lips.
2.     For ultimate smoothness and moisture, apply a thin layer of Prep + Prime Lip over the entire lip and lip edges.
3.     Apply Powder Kiss Lipstick directly to lips to achieve an effortlessly blurred look.

Pro Tip: To elevate the look with a pouty wine-stained effect, lightly tap a
second coat of Lipstick just to the centre of the mouth, then press lips together.


Többoldalú Felhasználás, Intenzív Színvilág, Könnyen eldolgozható

Árnyalat: Rose


4.5 g

8200 Ft


Többféle hatás, Szikrázó megjelenés, Glitter

Árnyalat: Purple Hologram

4.5 g

8200 Ft